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Game of Thrones, movement method will be reflected in the plot of Sansa
Actress Sophie Turner has given some clues of what we can expect from the young Stark in the last season of HBO’s fiction. This year no Game of Thrones sure is being ...
The Amazing 2 ‘ Enter the top 10 of the best releases in history
The new Disney Pixar movie has won 180 million dollars in its first weekend at the box office. Although until August 3 the Spanish fans of Disney Pixar will not be able to ...
Halloween Night, Jamie Lee Curtis ready to kill Michael Myers.
The tape, set 40 years after the events in the original film of 1979, opens on October 26. Next October you will have to be very careful because the protagonists of Halloween ...
Avengers, Infinity War surpasses a thousand six hundred million.
In the United States it has exceeded 500 million of dollars, while at international level it is where more money has obtained, billion. On April 27th was premiered in Spain ...
The Prince of Bel Air: Will Smith explains
Now listen to the story of my life, and how fate changed my move, without eating or drinking, I became the chop of a neighborhood called Bel Air. With nearly two million ...