Infinity War, So did the ridiculous Tom Holland in front of Madonna

moviestraileApril 9, 2018

The young actor explained how his first contact with the pop diva was.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has made Tom Holland one of the most popular actors of the moment thanks to his performance of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Next April 27th will be put in the skin of Spider-Man in the new group film of the Marvel film universe, Avengers: Infinity War, a story that brings together all the superheroes of the studio under a common umbrella.

The 21-year-old is learning how the Hollywood industry works, and how it should behave in certain events or with certain personalities. During his visit to the Graham Norton Show this weekend, Holland has revealed one of his most humiliating anecdotes: that of when he met Madonna.

The actor has revealed that during one of the ‘ afterparty ‘ of the Oscars, he was conversing with an old friend, when he decided to take him with Madonna to meet her. All the way I kept thinking about what he was going to say, so he just said ‘ Hi ‘ and stared at it without doing anything else.

To help him at the time, his friend explained to Madonna that he is a great dancer, to what Holland thought he had no choice but to hold her hand and dance with her to demonstrate her artistic talents. “As soon as I grabbed it, I realized it was a mistake. A big mistake. I’ve danced a lot but always with a choreography. I don’t go out on the track and dance a different thing every day, so I started dancing with her without grabbing. Simeplemente I do the same two steps all the time. She was so little impressed that I chickened out. I left Madonna on the track.

The next day the young man told him what happened to his family, and his parents were laughing without stopping until his younger brother came and asked: “who is Madonna?