Avengers, Infinity War surpasses a thousand six hundred million.

dollars around the world after its release in China

moviestraileMay 14, 2018

In the United States it has exceeded 500 million of dollars, while at international level it is where more money has obtained, billion.

On April 27th was premiered in Spain the new movie of the Marvel universe, Avengers: Infinity War, but it has not been until this May 11 that has made its triumphal entry in China. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the tape would have achieved almost 200 million dollars on its first weekend in the Asian country, while in North America has achieved these days over 61 million.

The total result of Avengers: Infinity War, 17 days after its release in countries like the United States or Spain is mill six hundred million dollars, data that brings you much to get the two billion expected to be achieved in a short time. It should be noted that with this data of 61.8 million in its third weekend at the box office, becomes the fourth film to obtain a data as good as this in its third week just behind Star Wars: The awakening of the force with 90 million , Avatar with 68 million and Black Panther with 66 million.

The premiere in China is the latest international market to tackle Avengers: Infinity War, but maintains its success in other markets as the American where it continues as a leader. On the back are other releases such as Life of the Party, the new comedy by Melissa McCarthy who has achieved 18.5 million, the third collaboration of the famous actress with her husband, Ben Falcone, and is that previously worked together in Tammy and is the boss. Thirdly is breaking in in 16.5 million.