Avengers, Infinity War , The first encounter between Hulk and Thanos

will be a key moment in the movie

moviestraileApril 23, 2018

Mark Ruffalo, the actor who gives life to the Emerald giant, is clear that this scene will leave us in awe.

Avengers: Infinity War will debut next Friday, April 27th under great anticipation. All the fans of the Marvel film universe expect this great moment to see their heroes together, all of them from those who inhabit beyond the earth like those who have been raised in it.

One of the most loved characters by the fans is the Emerald giant, ie Hulk. This hero played by Mark Ruffalo left the Earth at the end of Avengers: The era of Ultron, after being disappeared for the rest of Avengers appeared in Sakaar to co-star Thor: Ragnarok, now will be your chance to return home.

In an interview for Screen Rant, Ruffalo has explained that the first encounter between his character and Thanos (Josh Brolin) will be a key moment for the movie: well you see, it’s complicated. There are several ramifications. Definitely, he has never encountered an enemy like that, his first encounter propels in some way what is to come, you know, the rest of these two films. And then what ends up going on between Bruce and the Hulk
The actor has made it clear that the villain will be so surprised to meet an adversary as this, which will force him to change part of his strategy to dorminar the world and get the six gems of Infinity. After what happened in Captain America: Civil War, the aforementioned means that it will be Banner to unite the Avengers under the same umbrella and convince them that they must fight Thanos leaving aside their differences.

In addition, this will be a key point in the life of Banner, someone who has traveled a lot and has faced enemies of all kinds, but now it is your home that is threatened as ever and now, as explained in Thor: Ragnarok , because the emerald giant has been in control for so long, it is possible that if it is transformed into the Hulk is not able to recover, to be Bruce again.