Fast & Furious, Dwayne Johnson confirms he hasn’t shot

any scene of the eighth movie with Vin Diesel

moviestraileApril 4, 2018

Last week it was confirmed that the ‘ spin-off ‘ starring Johnson and Jason Statham would begin to roll at the end of 2018.

The bad relationship between Dwayne Johnson and his Fast & Furious companions is still news. The alarm began to ring a few years ago, and since then it is normal to see news about the tensions between the rock and actors like Vin Diesel or Tyrese Gibson. This news was augmented by the announcement that the characters of Hobbs and Shaw (Jason Stathan) would have a ‘ spin-off ‘ outside the original saga.

Last week, Universal confirmed that filming could begin at the end of the summer in locations in Hawaii and the UK, and this week Johnson has given an interview for Rolling Stone in which he has not been able to avoid this issue.

Fans of Fast & Furious 8 realized at once that Johnson and Diesel appear in very few scenes together, and in which they are it seems as if they had not been shot at the same time on the set. The actor has decided to confirm: “That’s right, we’re not in any scene together. We talked and realized that we have fundamental differences in philosophical questions about how we work in films and how we help each other. It took Me some time, but I am thankful to see it all clearly now. Regardless of whether we go back to work together or not. ”

Johnson has also explained that the spin-off is still underway but is not sure his Hobbs will also appear in Fast & Furious 9, and now he prefers to concentrate on making his own film with Statham-and many others he has in mind. “But I wish you all the best, and I don’t keep bad memories because of the transparency we had. In fact you can stay alone with the transparency and clarity part. ”

In this way, the Rock has wanted to deny the bad rolls present indicating that yes, there have been during the filming but now, since they do not work together, everything goes well