Gotham:The Batmobile makes an appearance for the first time

in the fourth season

moviestraileApril 15, 2018

The famous vehicle of Batman has appeared in the episode ‘ That’s Entertainment ‘ (4×18).

Gotham is slowly introducing young Bruce Wayne as Batman. And like every superhero bat we know, he can’t take care of the streets of Gotham City without his guns and vehicles.

For this reason, the series of FOX has finally introduced the one that would be the first Batmobile that gives him the same Alfred affirming that it is a car 100, 1% tests with bullets and painting with black matte and anti reflective, being thus very difficult to see at night. You can see the video below:

Although in the episode aired does not see Wayne use it yet, in the following to be released next April 19 in the United States under the title ‘ to Our Deaths and Beyond (4×19) Yes it will, as you can see in the official image below :