How to Talk to girls At Parties, Nicole Kidman and Elle

Fanning starring in the new trailer

moviestraileApril 4, 2018

This story by Neil Gaiman will be adapted to the big screen by director John Cameron Mitchell.

John Cameron Mitchell directs the new film adaptation of a work by Neil Gaiman, How to Talk to girls at parties. This story is one of the most popular creator of American Gods and is starring Elle Fanning (seduction), Nicole Kidman (Big Little Lies), Alex Sharp (to the bone), Ruth Wilson (the Affair) and Matt Lucas (Doctor Who), among others.

This Tuesday has presented the new traĆ­ler of the film, the aesthetic punk dominates in this story located in 1977:

How to Talk to girls at parties follows a young man named Enn who during one of the escapades with his friends to go to a punk party , they know several young people who are actually aliens who are visiting the earth to form new bonds. During this night madness, Enn falls in love with Zan, one of the alien teenagers, but his story becomes complicated when his companions demand that he return to his planet, so the rebellion will reach the streets of London.