The Prince of Bel Air: Will Smith explains

how he got the role that raised him to fame

moviestraileMay 13, 2018

Now listen to the story of my life, and how fate changed my move, without eating or drinking, I became the chop of a neighborhood called Bel Air.

With nearly two million subscribers, Will Smith’s YouTube channel is one of the most successful players in Hollywood who decide to delve into this world of the Internet. The actor started with this project a few months ago but his videos are attracting fans from all over the world, especially the last one talking about the Prince of Bel Air.

This is the series that allowed his great leap to fame on an interpretative level. As he himself has in this video, before deciding to be an actor he tried the music by launching a successful album for which he got a lot of money and fame all of a sudden. Not knowing how to manage it, Smith spent almost all the money and when he presented his second job this was massively rejected by the audience. The real problem came when he realized that he had not yet paid American taxes called IRS. I mean, trouble with Uncle Sam.

In his search for money, Smith went to the program the Arsenio Hall show with a push of his girlfriend, who considered this as an opportunity to jump back into the fray and reborn. Precisely, there he met Benny Medina, “The real Prince of Bel Air although he actually moved from Watts to Beverly Hills “, who proposed that he meet Quincy Jones, producer of the series.

Smith received the script and, after asking a little time to prepare the paper, but after negotiating on this aspect only got 10 minutes to read everything and think how to address the role of the Prince of Bel Air. Despite that he did so well that he got the paper immediately.

Jones and his Abohados team quickly developed a basic contract to be able to sign at the time, and in three months later Smith was already filming the famous pilot episode that would restore his fame forever. A reputation that has managed to maintain over the years thanks to new projects. Yes, the moral of this story for the actor is clear: “Always say yes and listen to your girlfriend “.