Legion, Dan Stevens says there’s a chance that another X-Men

appears in the series

moviestraileApril 5, 2018

The second season of fiction has started airing on FX on Tuesday, April 3.

The X-Men franchise is so extensive that it encompasses both television series and films and, at present, the most commented work of these famous mutants is Legion. The second season of the TV series starring Dan Stevens has just started and its protagonist has already hinted at a much-anticipated fact for all his followers… there is still a chance that another X-Men will appear in the FX fiction!

During an interview on Larry King’s show, the actor has denied that he knows that there are specific plans to introduce another mutant with weight on the show. In the event that this option is carried out, Stevens claims that the chosen one would surely be Charles Xavier, because of his kinship with the main character.

That’s a good question. It’s probably a question for some Fox executives and not for me. There’s definitely a margin for that. Again, in the X-Men universe, David Haller in the bastard son of Professor X, Charles Xavier, played by Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy in the films. There have definitely been references to him in the seasons, and there is a chance that he might appear
Surely, the followers of this universe are interested in that some of the previously named interpreters appear in the fiction, although the version of Stewart died during the events of Logan. On the other hand, Stevens has also claimed that the fans of X-Men have welcomed the series very well because they know the story of Legion, the same that focuses on “A guy who not only has the ability to fly with his hand. It’s a new world of things, so the possibilities are endless and strange ” Would you like Xavier appear in some episode?