Rick and Morty: Dan Harmon is optimistic about

renovation for a fourth season

moviestraileApril 29, 2018

The confirmation of the new delivery is being delayed by negotiation processes.

The fourth season of Rick and Morty remains a mystery. Despite the wishes of the fans to know if there will definitely be a new installment, there is still no warning to make it real. The alarms jumped when the creator of fiction Dan Harmon warned the spectators not to make the continuation, as it was being delayed by issues of negotiation. Now, Harmon reassures them and launches the message that everything is going well.

It has been during the Tribeca film Festival when the creator has talked about the status of the series. It has not revealed many details, but it has been optimistic about the possibility of returning to the small screen.

I’m optimistic right now, at the moment. Negotiations are tough. It is an unprecedented situation, and everyone is being very friendly and wants to come to an agreement so that we can start. Is all I can say
It seems that Harmon’s opinion has changed in these weeks, which suggests that negotiations may already be finding their way. According to the medium Comicbook, this delay of negotiation can be due to that “the infamous McDonald’s Szechuan sauce of the series threw to the fiction at the forefront of the entertainment . there are many possibilities that the creators Justin Roiland and Harmon want Greater benefits for them and their team ” You can find the three seasons of Rick and Morty on the Netflix platform.