Westworld, Delos publishes new details on the new world

of the second season

moviestraileApril 4, 2018

The new episodes of this HBO fiction are being released on April 22nd.

On April 22nd, the new season of one of the most anticipated series of 2018, Westworld, will come to the HBO screens. The second season of fiction created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy will be a big change for the protagonists, and is that the guests are now aware of who they are and try to get out of there by all means-in addition to revenge of those who have made them .

These new episodes will also have an important innovation, more parks. In the first season the action was centered in one place, Westworld, but in this we will know that there are 5 other parks-a total of 6-and know closely one of them, the Shogun World. What is this place?

From the official website of Delos Corporation have published news about this place, attentive: for those for whom Westworld is not enough, the real connoisseur of spilled blood can indulge his fantasies with the cut of a taster. Created after the Edo period of Japan, Shogun World offers the opportunity for guests to embrace their inner warrior, the frame for the greatest beauty and the darkest horror. Let your true self take the form of the Earth in which auto-discovery is an art form
Like its predecessor, this world will serve to keep visitors from forgetting reality and fulfilling their darkest desires, those who in the real world would be illegal or immoral. In the new trailer of Westworld appear fragments of Shogun World with Maeve (Thandie Newton) walking through its streets, it is clear that at least she manages to leave the world of the West, will have avenged all who harmed him in the past?